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About transport in London

London is the capital city of England. It is one of the major tourist destinations and a hub of global transportation. London public transport includes: London Underground (commonly known as the tube); London Buses; River Services; Docklands Light Railway; Croydon Tramlink; National Rail. Bus and rail networks in Britain are very well developed, offer frequent and efficient services and provide access to the rest of England. By the tube (London underground) and buses you can go to all London airports (Luton, Stansted, Gatwick, Heathrow). On every airport you can rent a car from car rental companies (cheap and luxury cars) and book a room in London hotels and hostels. is all you need to know about transport in London and about London airports.


London Transport F.A.Q.

Q. Where can I hire a car?
A. You can hire a car at any of London airports: Heathrow, Luton, Stansted, Gatwick

Q. What are the names of car rental companies operating at airports?
A. For example, the names of car rental companies at Heathrow are: Hertz, Avis, Europcar, Alamo, International.

Q. What are the costs of hiring a car?
A. The prices start from just £20 a day for cheap cars. If you choose to rent a luxury car, the prices start from £50 a day.

Q. . I`m going with my 3 friends to London, what is the best way to travel?
A. If you want to travel fast it is best to use the tube (London underground) or hire a car.

Q. What are the costs of traveling by the tube?
A. For example: underground one-way ticket costs £4, 1-4 zone all day ticket costs £9,40.

Q. Does the tube work at night?
A. No, last trains leave London underground stations before midnight.

Q. So how can I travel at night?
A. After the tube closes you have to rely on the night bus network (all markings of night bus networks begin with the letter "N").

Q. I got EURO<26 student card, will I have any discounts for public transport?
A. No, only students from Uk have discounts for tickets.

Q. What is THE TUBE?
A. The Tube is the common name for London Underground.

Q. Where can I get London Underground Map?
A. The map will be soon available at

Q. Is the official website of London public transport?
A. No, we are an unofficial site. But we try to give you all the necessary information about London transport.

Q. Could you give me more information about buses?
A. With over 17,000 stops, the London bus network is one of the largest urban bus services in the world. Buses carry more passengers than any other mode of transport in the UK. To fight the traffic, many roads are reserved only for London buses.

Q. Could you tell me more about London underground?
A. London underground is the oldest and one of the three largest underground networks in the world. It carries over three million passengers a day. Each underground line is shown in a different colour - e.g. the circle line in yellow, the district line in green.

Q. How many international airports are there in London?
A. London has 4 international airports: Heathrow, Luton, Stansted, Gatwick

Q. How long does it take to travel from Stansted Airport to Central London?
A. Travelling by Stasted Express takes 45 minutes, travelling by bus takes more than 1 hour.

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