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London rental cars are leased to people who don't have access to their own cars, such as when traveling. Rental cars can often be found in Rental Car Centers typically found near London airports.

Car hire in London has become a highly competitive market with the arrival of online booking and cheap air tickets offering a car hire package deal. As a result prices are very keen. The major rental companies are having to readdress their online strategy in order to keep up with recent developments. Another growth area is the decision many people have made to give up their private car and opt for renting when they need one. This has given rise to home deliveries and one way car hire in London, proving to be a very popular sector.

When booking a car, the following points should be made clear:

  1. Airport Surcharge - car hire companies have to pay an airport an additional fee and this is sometimes passed on to the customer. Make sure this is included in a quote if applicable.
  2. On collection of a car, a full valid driving licence and identification is required. Any age restrictions will be checked.
  3. Car rental companies charge for periods of 24 hours. Late returns can be subject to an additional charge, so also make sure you book a car with hours and dates within 24 hour units.
  4. Damage Waiver or "super Cover" is often offered and you should consider it. Third Party Insurance is nearly always included in the quote but you will not be covered for yourself or the vehicle. Check the terms carefully.

Similar considerations apply to car rental in the USA. Companies are highly competitive on the basis of price, product, and service. Advance reservations are advisable, especially during holiday periods when companies may be sold out. A current, valid, unrestricted driver's license and major credit card are often required, and customers under 21 or 25 years of age may face restrictions or additional charges, so if any of these items are an issue, it is recommended to inquire with the company in advance. Customers are also advised to consult in advance with their auto insurance provider to determine whether their private auto insurance extends to rental cars and what limitations may apply; generally car rental companies offer additional insurance. Taxes and airport surcharges can add a significant amount to the quoted price. Customers may also encounter additional late charges or gasoline charges if the car is not returned before the specified time or without the gas level specified in the rental agreement

London Car Rent F.A.Q

Q. Where can I hire a car?
A. You can hire a car at any of London airports: Heathrow, Luton, Stansted, Gatwick

Q. What are the names of car rental companies operating at airports?
A. . For example, the names of car rental companies at Heathrow are: Hertz, Avis, Europcar, Alamo, International.

Q. What are the costs of hiring a car?
A. The prices start from just £17 a day for cheap cars. If you choose to rent a luxury car, the prices start from £50 a day.

Q. . I`m going with my 3 friends to London, what is the best way to travel?
A. If you want to travel fast it is best to use the tube (London underground) or hire a car.

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