Proper Packing Of Furniture During Moving Will Ensure That It Reaches

You can always hire professional movers and packers when you want to shift location to a new home, and these people will be well versed on how to take care of the furniture that needs moving. All the same, it can do no harm to know how this should be done, so that you can ensure that your furniture reaches your new location in the same shape.

Start with preparing for the move by clearing all your cupboards of the shelves and drawers that they have and all the things in them. Clean up all the furniture. If any parts of it can be dismantled, do so, as then the item of furniture will be easier to pack and move. You can then pack each of these pieces individually so that they are fully protected. Make sure that you make a list of the various parts and label them so that they can be fitted easily when you reach your new home, and everything has to be unpacked and put together again.

You can get moving blankets from people who sell packing supplies, and these can be padded or quilted. These come in fairly large sizes that can be used to pack up any piece of furniture in. The heavier the blankets, the more padding material they will have and will protect your furniture better, especially the edges. Use thicker blankets for heavy solid furniture like leather couches and dining tables. You can also get blankets that are made of paper that are cheaper than those made of fabric but may not give you the same amount of protection. You will, of course, require quite a few rolls of packing tape to maintain the blankets in place. Make sure the tape never touches the surface of the furniture, as it could peel off paint or polish form the furniture.

Smaller items of furniture can be packed into boxes, but make sure they are well protected with bubble wrap or some other filler which keeps them snug and tight in the boxes. Apply easily visible stickers on each item of furniture that indicates what each wrapped up blanket or box contains, as this will allow you to unload and place correctly in the new location that you are shifting to. Movers will charge you by volume and weight, and very bulky items may cost a lot to move. Do the math, and see whether it may make sense to dispose of the old furniture and buy new when you get to the new location. Items like pianos require very special packing, handling, moving and unpacking, and is best left to the experts.

Legs and arms of chairs are especially delicate and can suffer damage during moving. Protect them well with wrap and fillers before you enclose them in boxes or blankets. Use your mattresses and loose upholstery to give further protection to your furniture during the moving, after wrapping them up in burlap or cloth to protect their surfaces. It can give a further cushioning to your heavy items of furniture during the shifting.

If you are moving around the Los Angeles area make sure to ask moving company long beach ca for assistance. They take the best care of furniture and heavy objects. LA county is a big area with a lot of traffic, which makes the move even harder. Relocation in California can be a big challenge. With warehouse working limited time your costs can multiply because of a simple roadblock or heavy traffic. Be smart and strategic with your moving and plan in advance!

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