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London Taxi (London Black Cabs)

In most of the United Kingdom hackney carriage operators use conventional four-door saloon cars, but London use specially-designed hackney carriages manufactured by a small number of companies. These vehicles allow up to 5 passengers in the back. Luggage is usually carried in the passenger compartment, but may be carried in the front next to the driver-there is no front passenger seat, although a door has replaced the original open side. Some modern designs can also accommodate wheelchairs in the back. Black cabs have a turning circle of only 25 feet.

Motorised hackney cabs, traditionally all black in colour, have the popular name of black cabs, although other colours are used, most frequently when advertising campaigns call for the respraying of large groups of cabs in vivid brand liveries, as in this example of an 'ad campaign'.

Fares - overview

Typical taxi fares and journey times:
Tariff code on meter123
Approx journey time Monday to Friday
6am to 8pm
Monday to Friday 8pm to 10pm
Saturday and Sunday
6am to 10pm
Every night
10pm - 6am
Public holidays
15-12 mins £4.00 - £5.60 £4.40 - £7.00 £4.80 - £6.40
28-15 mins £6.20 - £8.80 £6.60 - £10.20 £7.80 - £10.40
415-30 mins £10 - £14 £12 - £17 £14 - £17
620-40 mins £14 - £19 £17 - £20 £20 - £23
Between Heathrow and Central London 30-60 mins £40 - £70

Extra charges

1. Telephone Booking
There is an extra charge of up to £2 if the taxi is booked by telephone

2. Heathrow extra
There is an extra charge of £1 for journeys that start from Heathrow Airport ranks and finish within Greater London.

3. Christmas and New Year
There is an extra charge of £3 for journeys made between 8pm on 24 December and 6am on 27 December or between 8pm on 31 December and 6am on 2 January 2006

4. Bank cards
Where credit or debit are accepted there is a typical surcharge of between 10% and 15% of the metered fare.

5. Soiling
The driver may charge the hirer up to £40 for soiling that requires the taxi to be taken out of service for cleaning

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